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"Biodiversity conservation in fragmented landscapes
 at the Atlantic Plateau of São Paulo"

"Conservação da Biodiversidade em Paisagens Fragmentadas no Planalto Atlântico de São Paulo"

The project intends to analyze which factors determine in fragmented landscapes the diversity patterns and the distribution of bird, mammal and amphibian species.

The results will allow establishing models of occurrence for more sensitive species to fragmentation and for the function of variables associated with the structure and temporal dynamic of the landscape, in order to test the generality of diversity patterns found in the first project period at the Plateau of Ibiúna.

Thus the project follows the same approaches considering the same set of sampling sites: i) different spatial scales (sampling point, surroundings of the fragments, landscape, region, Atlantic Plateau; ii) different taxonomic groups (thus different landscape perceptions); iii) complementary analysis of populations, functional groups of species and communities, with a particular focus on representative species of the local biota (i.e. potential umbrella species); and iv) pairs of landscapes, always contrasting fragmented landscapes and controls.

The project considers temporal aspects, matrix use, the possibilities of generalization of patterns in relation to landscape structure and species composition / richness of communities for different landscapes.

An integrating analysis of the data obtained from different taxonomic groups allows approaching a series of questions that could not be considered for only one group particularly if they are concerned with representative species or reserve site selection for conservation.

BIOCAPSP integrates several interdisciplinary projects that are realised by several German and Brazilian research groups from the

  • Department of Conservation Biology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ Leipzig-Halle

  • Department of Ecological Modelling, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ Leipzig-Halle
  • Department of Wildlife Ecology and Management, University of Freiburg
  • Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin
  • Department of Ecology at the University of São Paulo (USP).
  • Department of Zoology at the University of São Paulo (USP).

Technical co-operation, application and dissemination of results in collaboration with the
Sociedade Ecológica Verde Amarela - SELVA


German project head and main co-ordinator:
PD Dr. Klaus Henle
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ Leipzig-Halle,
Department of Conservation Biology
German project co-ordinator in São Paulo: Dr. Christoph Knogge
Brazilian project head:
Prof. Dr. Jean Paul Metzger
Laboratory of Landscape Ecology and Conservation, Department of Ecology, Institute of Biosciences, University of São Paulo (USP)
Profa. Dr. Renata Pardini
Laboratory of Natural History and Diversity of Mammals, Department of Zoology, Institute of Biosciences, University of São Paulo (USP)

Subprojects of BioCAPSP:

  1. Landscape structure and dynamics
    Jean Paul Metzger - USP
    Milton Cezar Ribeiro, André de Lima

  2. Vegetation structure and dynamics
    Alexandre Adalardo de Oliveira - USP
    Cristiane Follmann Jurinitz - USP

  3. Fruit and seed phenology - resource availability for birds and primates
    Erica Hasui - USP
    Claudia Regina Guimarães
    - USP
    Cristina Banks-Leite - USP
    Christoph Knogge - UFZ

  4. Forest growth model
    Jean Paul Metzger
    Alexandre Adalardo de Oliveira - USP
    Andreas Huth - UFZ
    Jürgen Groeneveld - UFZ
    Sandro Pütz - UFZ

  5. Species composition and richness of Amphibians
    Jean Paul Metzger - USP
    Klaus Henle - UFZ
    Marianna Dixo
    José Mario Beloti Ghellere
    Henning Steinicke

  6. Species composition and richness of small and big mammals
    Renata Pardini - USP
    Simone Sommer -
    Adriana de Arruda Bueno
    - USP
    Fabiana Umetsu - USP
    Bruno Trevizan - USP
    Laura Regina Capelari Naxara - USP
    Thomas Püttker - IZW
    Yvonne Meyer-Lucht- IZW
    Christoph Knogge - UFZ

  7. Parasitological state and genetic MHC variability in small mammals
    Simone Sommer - IZW
    Renata Pardini - USP

    Thomas Püttker - IZW
    Yvonne Meyer-Lucht- IZW

  8. Species composition and richness of birds
    Jean Paul Metzger - USP

    Ilse Storch - UF
    Miriam Hansbauer - UF
    Cristina Banks-Leite - USP
    Danilo Boscolo - USP
    Alexandre Camargo Martensen - USP
    Carlos Ernesto Candia Gallardo - USP
    Marcelo Awade - USP
    Rafael Pimentel - USP

  9. Metapopulation modelling of small mammals
    Renata Pardini - USP
    Karin Johst - UFZ
    Tamara Muenkemueller

  10. Modelling of the functional connectivity
    Jean Paul Metzger - USP
    Karin Frank - UFZ
    Danilo Boscolo

  11. Selection of priority sites for the Atlantic Plateau
    Jean Paul Metzger - USP
    Klaus Henle - UFZ
    Milton Cezar Ribeiro - UFZ

  12. Application of scientific results
    Jean Paul Metzger – USP
    Cristina Oka - SELVA
    Klaus Henle - UFZ
    Rafael Ummus– SELVA
    Christoph Knogge - UFZ


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